• Gran Vino Sansón
    • Origin
    • Quinados

    • Type of wine
    • Dulce

    • Grape variety
    • White Spanish traditional varieties (Airén, Macabeo, Albillo)

    • Serving temperature
    • 14º - 17º C aprox

    • Production process
    • A blend of natural infusions of aromatic plants is added to a neutral base wine to give Sanson its characteristic aroma and flavour. The exact recipe is a secret that has been handed down through the generations for more than a Century.

    • Ageing
  • image


    Very dark amber.

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    Powerful and very complex, mixing caramel and spices with notes of liquorice, anis and hints of tea and roasted coffee.

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    Powerful and generous with flavours in line with the nose and a very long finish

About the brand


Sweet magic, a drink with a secret formula that is one of a kind in the world. Since its birth in 1876, Sansón has been faithful to its traditional formula that has been transmitted from generation to generation. A quality Spanish base wine, to which a secret mixture of macerated aromatic herbs is added. The resulting sweet beverage is unique in the world, with a moderate alcohol content, very good for the digestion and to which stimulating and even magical properties have been attributed.


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