Undisputed leader in the quality rosé wine category in Spain. Peñascal has achieved consumer recognition and large-scale commercial success. A different, refreshing, sparkling, fruity, fresh product with a unmistakeable taste. Made from the ideal combination of tempranillo and garnacha grape varieties, it obtains its natural sparkle through a second fermentation process in tanks at low temperature.


Key wines Peñascal

Ponte Vecchio

Moscato is a booming product category, that has really taken off on a global scale with spectacular growth in recent years. For this reason, and as part of our constant quest for differentiation, the group wanted to satisfy the needs and demands of the national and international market with Ponte Vecchio Moscato as its calling card. Sparkling and irresistible, Ponte Vecchio Moscato glitters with small and elegant bubbles. A frizzante moscato produced with care, following the trail of Italian craftsmen. It is the wine of youth, passion and beauty. A contemporary and enjoyable style of wine that sets trends the world over.


Key wines Ponte Vecchio


Sweet magic, a drink with a secret formula that is one of a kind in the world. Since its birth in 1876, Sansón has been faithful to its traditional formula that has been transmitted from generation to generation. A quality Spanish base wine, to which a secret mixture of macerated aromatic herbs is added. The resulting sweet beverage is unique in the world, with a moderate alcohol content, very good for the digestion and to which stimulating and even magical properties have been attributed.


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